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Shippers rely on Railroad Industries Incorporated’s broad knowledge of the many factors that affect their operations. From day-to-day operational management, to complex analyses of distribution networks and marketing studies, RII has increased the safety, productivity, efficiency, marketability, and/or understanding – all resulting in increased profitability – for hundreds of our client Shippers.

Physical Operations & Strategic Planning

2003 – Analyzed rail options for large Agricultural distribution center to optimize movement of product, including marketing and service studies, operations plan scenarios, and economics forecast on all scenarios.

2001 – Project shipment analysis on comparison of modes of transportation for shipping of oversized tanks for a heating and cold storage manufacturer.

2004 – Appraisal and economic impact study for intended sale of rail line by major grain shipper.

2004 – Rail equipment and traffic analyses for large construction company to plan equipment needs and distribution strategies.

2004 – Backhaul study, local marketing studies for target market areas, equipment and locomotive analyses, and branch line studies for major U.S. construction aggregates producer.


Ongoing – Continuous rate negotiation, car and track lease mediation, and operations advisement and to many Shipper clients on a daily basis.

2004 – Marketing, routing and rates analysis and ongoing negotiation for national recycling company to maximize shipping value inbound and outbound.

2003 – Routing and rate studies for International chemical company to plan logistics, including rate negotiating, hazardous material regulations and customs consulting.

2003 – Costing analysis for various origin and destination points for logistics department of a national chemical company.

2003 – Switching contract assessment for a construction aggregate producer.


2004 – Training of shipping personnel on rail equipment, safety and efficiency for industrial materials manufacturer.

2003-Ongoing – Provide annual engineer re-certification training for all branches of a national cement manufacturer’s interplant switching network.

2004 – Provide FRA and MSHA required classes for national steel company.

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