Gary V. Hunter –Chairman and CEO
Mr. Hunter has almost 40 years of experience in the railroad and transportation industry. After serving in top management positions in Class I and Short Line railroads for many years, Mr. Hunter founded Railroad Industries Incorporated in 1983. His vast expertise has included involvement in some of the most pivotal events in the industry from the mid 70’s through today. With RII, he continues to develop a reputation as one of the most experienced, innovative, and forward thinking leaders in the field.

Gary V. Hunter Resume

Marietta T. Hunter – President and Secretary
Ms. Hunter brings her 27 years of finance and business management experience to Railroad Industries Incorporated. After 10 years of banking experience and business education courses, she founded the company with Gary Hunter in 1983. Her subsequent business management experience has led her to be a key player in the growth of RII and its future.

Anastacia Sullivan – Director of Operations, Planning and Business Development
Ms. Sullivan
has almost 25 years of diverse management skills, with 12 years experience in commercial transportation and rail. During her ten year tenure at RII, she has developed the Project Management and Business Development programs to increasing capacity and quality control. Earning accreditation in Economic Development and Project Management programs, Ms. Sullivan continues to develop a reputation in the industry for innovative ideas, strategy and results.
Anastacia Sullivan Resume
Lola J. Wei – Manager of Economics & Finance
Ms. Wei brings with her a diverse background in marketing, economics, financial planning and forecasting. She has unique analytical skills for identifying market indicators and quantifying their impact on sales,traffic levels, and growth. Her proven abilities at forecasting, developing economic and financial models, and detailed operational costing have already earned her a significant reputation in the transportation industry.

Lola J. Wei Resume

Todd A. Howell – Manager of Marketing & Technology
Mr.Howell brings 28 years of team management and 18 years of IT and Graphic Design experience. This allows RII to provide a cutting edge level of communication and quality for its clients in all media. He enhances the professional and client-centered service for RII clients with an eye for detail that has become RII's standard. Mr. Howell has been instrumental in the branding program of RII, building a strong industry reputation and image, and has helped build capacity by increasing RII's capabilities in database management, software models and networking technology.

Todd A. Howell Resume

Craig W. Hunter – Associate
Mr. Hunter has almost 35 years of experience in real estate in the areas of law, development, finance, and title insurance, filling out the real estate expertise for RII’s industrial development and property projects. He has held senior management positions within financial institutions where he was involved with the resolution of problem loans and the disposition of real estate owned. His asset management experience includes retail, office, industrial, apartment, and residential properties. As a Project Manager he has been involved with the preparation of development agreements and master plans, financing, and cash flow modeling. His legal experience includes complex real estate purchase and sale, development, ground lease, and financing, and transactions as well as business entity formations and real estate litigation. He also served as general counsel for an 800,000 square foot mixed use commercial complex on a 170 acre site with rail access.

Craig Hunter Resume

Phillip C. Larson – Associate
Mr. Larson is a diversified railroad professional with over 45 years of experience in the industry. He has held executive management positisions in rail car and track maintenance companies, as well as entire short line railroads and Amtrak. His expert witness and training/safety experinece, as well as expertise in operations, finance, equipment, and management at all levels give him a key advantage in andy project. Mr. Larson joined the RII team in early 2005.

Phillip Larsen Resume

M.C."Mac" McManus – Rail Operations & Training Associate
Mr. McManus has over fifty years of industry experience he employs to provide rail related training and operations expertise to the Railroad Industries team. His experience with rail operations and ideal rail conditions is used to inspect facilities and track to determine maintenance budgets and costs.
M.C. Mac McManus Resume
Charles "Chuck" V. Weart – Associate
Mr. Weart has over 50 years of rail experience, specializing in all aspects of operations, safety, and training. He is an expert in FRA regulations and compliance, as well as master instructor for all areas of railroad safety, locomotive engineering, haz-mat, air-brakes and operations. He has developed his own class materials, tests and reporting procedures for the FRA, and writes procedures, rules, timetables, and FRA compliance filings regulations for all aspects of rail operations and start ups. His contacts with the FRA and other rail regulatory agencies give him a unique ability to solve problems, gain industry intelligence and examine alternative options in rail operations. He has brought this expansive body of knowledge and contacts to the RII team for many years with many more to come.
Chuck Weart Resume
G.W. "Chuck" Kelley – Associate
Mr. Kelley brings almost
50 years of rail transportation experience, including almost 25 years with Union Pacific Railroad. He was also involved during the entire 8 year reorganization of the TFM Railroad after the privatization of this Mexican railway, including fleet management and customer service documentation, set up and training. Mr. Kelley’s detailed expertise in rail management and administration allows him to identify losses and opportunities in rail paperwork and save clients money and revenue opportunities for both railroads and shippers alike. In addition, his understanding of both parties affords him special skills in stakeholder interviews for qualitative and quantitative data gathering.
Chuck Kelley Resume
Leslie Savoye– Specialized Associate
Ms. Selby brings almost
30 years of experience with rail and multimodal operations to the RII team. Her past experience with Amtrak, the only Class I passenger railroad in the US, also provides RII with superior expertise in passenger and transit operations. She has extensive experience with marine ports and railway equipment through Pacer Stacktrain that make her an invaluable intermodal asset to the company.  Her experience from hands-on operations to planning and strategizing in so many areas adds a unique consulting component to our Team.
Leslie Selby Resume
Bill Goldsberry – Specialized Associate
Mr. Goldsberry brings a wealth of knowledge to the RII team which he gained during his 32 year career with Southern Pacific Railroad (SP). Having completed a SP four-year apprenticeship in all phases of railroad functions, Mr. Goldsberry started out as a Machinist and quickly advanced to the position of Supervisor which involved training of personnel covering all aspects of locomotive and engine analysis. Mr. Goldsberry continued on with SP in the positions of Yardmaster, Switchman, Assistant Trainmaster, Trainmaster, Senior Manager and the Manager of Training in the Human Resources Department for complete operation of remote control systems, HAZ-MAT training for G.Cor rules certification, air brake rules, conductor training and recall to duty training. He managed 18 yardmasters, 250 employees and all yard operations for this Class 1 railroad. After his retirement from SP, Mr. Goldsberry has been utilized by Union Pacific as a classroom instructor at numerous locations covering personnel injury reports, derailments reports and re-classification rides.
William Goldsberry Resume
Mike McCoy – Specialized Associate
Mr. McCoy has
almost 30 years of experience in marketing and providing transportation services for bulk materials. Mr. McCoy built a reputation as a strong negotiator within the marine bulk terminal and shortline railroad arenas both domestically and internationally. Having worked extensively with power generation companies and through his service at the Port of Richmond – Levin Richmond Terminal, Mr. McCoy brings a strong understanding of the unique requirements of PUC’s within the rail industry, as well as port authority and other public agency transportation regulations. Mr. McCoy has also work closely with industrial development through ports and economic development corporations.
Mike McCoy Resume
Charles “Sonny” Cooper – Associate
Mr. Cooper brings almost
30 years of experience with railroad track and bridges to the RII team. He is RII’s primary bridge consultant and assists with design, inspection and cost estimates for many rail bridge projects. He also has experience with rail safety, track and equipment that adds enrichment to the company.
Sonny Cooper Resume
Billy Collins – Associate
Mr. Collins provides the RII team with
almost 45 years experience in railroad track and maintenance of way leadership. From track inspections and repair costing to complete Maintenance of Way program management and Roadworker Safety Training, he brings a broad understanding of hands on rail right of way management. He has lead programs for numerous short line railroads, including the extensive Alaska Railroad system, as well as track work and maintenance for the federal government at Eielson and Clear Site Air Force Bases. Mr. Collins has managed the rehabilitation projects for FEMA and other federal grants, and brings solid comprehensive knowledge of FRA and AREMA guidelines to the RII team.
Billy Collins Resume
Heather A. Howell – Project Development Specialist
Ms. Howell brings almost 10 years of business operation management & supervisory experience to the RII team. She is a leader in special projects, marketing strategies, research and quality controls, combining creative tactics & innovative approaches to achieve measurable results.
Heather A. Howell Resume

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