The experience and expertise of Railroad Industries Incorporated has touched projects in Class I and Short Lines across North America. Our in-depth knowledge of the rail industry allows us to provide the most all-inclusive, holistic studies for large scale planning and development projects, while still retaining the hands-on basics that benefit smaller railroads and projects. Whether it is equipment, facilities, routing studies, market analysis, contract negotiation, network contacts, personnel training, operations, financial assessments, or new acquisitions, RII is beyond question the Railroad Expert.


Expert Witness Services for Union Pacific Railroad in 2009;
Railroad Industries Incorporated assisted this Class I railroad by providing expert witness services as needed and requested for this case. This required utilizing our knowledge of rail operations, safety and maintenance.

BNSF Railway Terminal and Yard Operations Analysis from 2004 – 2006;
RII conducted physical inspections, developed marketing plans, and financial and economic analyses for major BNSF terminals across the United States including West Seattle, WA, Denver, CO, Quad Cities, IA, Fargo, ND, Kansas City, MO, Coberg, MO, Memphis, TN, Oklahoma City, OK, Omaha, NE, Klamath Falls, OR, and Dallas, TX.  Each operation evaluation included a site inspection, customer interviews, financials and economics, traffic and operations review, and development of economic analysis to determine asset disposition [3rd party operated portions, contract switchers, short line operators].  Analysis involved working closely with multiple departments within the BNSF organization, making recommendations for restructuring and assisting with implementation.

Phoenix Terminal Expansion Analysis for BNSF Railway in 2006;
This study involved in depth analysis of BNSF’s operations in Phoenix BNSF’s Economic Development Division.  The key analysis involved the property at Surprise, AZ, analyzing present and future traffic projections and operational needs.  This study included examining current operations and applying projected traffic figures to develop additional infrastructure needs and operations plans for the next 30 years.  The study also involved developing a detailed presentation for BNSF management illustrating the findings of the study.

Gulf Region Study for BNSF Railway in 2006;
RII performed a broad feasibility study of the economic benefits that could be achieved by construction of a new yard on BNSF’s Gulf Division. Traffic on the Gulf Division has grown substantially and this growth is forecasted to continue. The particular focus of this study was to the Industrial Products business moving in regular train service to and from the Houston area. RII determined three viable locations for a new yard along with economic requirements for development. Additional economics were performed for operations expenses and cost savings. Research was compiled for traffic volumes by commodity including customer interviews, traffic data and growth forecasting of specific commodities.  A cost/benefits analysis was also performed for the costs of construction against the benefits on traffic congestion, capacity and equipment/personnel utilization. 

Lake Charles Rail Customer Service Study for BNSF Railway in 2006;
The purpose of this study was to examine BNSF’s competitive position in the Lake Charles/La Fayette, LA area, where it relies on switching from other carriers for many of its customers.  The study included a customer survey of the major BNSF customers in the area, examining rail and ancillary services, billing issues, customer service and competition between carriers.  Results of the study were compiled into a detailed report and database for BNSF’s future use and analysis, and BNSF utilized the results to make operational and marketing changes in this region.

Aggregate Costing Analysis for BNSF Railway in 2005;
RII developed the unit train transportation costs for specific aggregate moves for BNSF, including multiple lanes, routings and cost component factors.  The results were utilized for BNSF to develop new service design strategies for aggregate movements in the busy Texas complexes of Houston, Austin and Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Market and Financial Analysis for the National Railroad Passenger Corp. (Amtrak) in 2005;
Railroad Industries Incorporated assisted this passenger train company with a financial analysis including Market analysis and Recommendations. Amtrak used theses analyses to maximize the profitability of the entire Amtrak system.


Operations Assessment and Traffic Analysis for Carolina Southern Railroad in 2008 - Present;
Carolina Southern Railroad (CSR) contracted RII to assist with its car hire and demurrage issues with CSX Transportation and other customers. RII performed a review of car hire and demurrage records as well as agreements with CSX to determine CSR’s position. An assessment of current operations and car hire was completed and a strategy was developed in order to minimize losses and negotiate more precise agreements and to avoid further excessive charges. RII also conducted various customer interviews.

Valuation for negotiation with potential third party acquisition for Heritage Railroad in April 2008;
Heritage Railroad Corporation (HRC) contracted Railroad Industries Incorporated (RII) to perform a valuation on its current operations and assets. HRC is a not for profit museum owned lined with a private operator. This valuation provided HRC with a referenced enterprise value for its negotiation with a potential third party for an acquisition deal. RII completed the Enterprise Value of the HRC based on the Going Concern Value (based on HRC’s projected EBITDA) and the Net Liquidation Value of current assets, including railroad tracks and railroad right-of-way. RII also developed the current short line market situation, recommendations and strategies for selling the HRC.

Proposed switching operations at Velox Industrial Park for Washington and Idaho Railroad in April 2008;
RII developed a complete proposal on behalf of Washington & Idaho Railroad (WIR) involving taking over the switching operations at Velox Industrial Park. The park is owned by BNSF, and the final report and proposal included the analysis of BNSF operations and customers, listing of commodities, as well as the development of a full operating plan for the switching process, rates structures and marketing plan for the proposed.

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