Railroad Industries Incorporated provides expert consulting for investors and lawyers to assist them in their own cases. Investors can count on RII’s due diligence and detailed analyses for sound financial decisions. Lawyers and insurance companies can utilize RII’s vast experience for expert testimony, investigation, data analysis, and depositions. RII also has experience as a Trustee to administer companies in need of management, reorganization, or structured liquidation.


Investor Research - 

Present - Seat on Council of Advisors for Transportation for major international investment group, providing expert industry advice to its clients to assist in their investment decisions.

2003 – Contracted to liaison between investment group and prospective railroad acquisition, perform due diligence on proposed purchase, and offer continuing rail consulting as needed.


2002 – Developed the business plan for utilizing a branch line for a scheduled entertainment 
passenger attraction in a major tourist area for interested investors, including track 
agreements, operations, financial plan, marketing, and licenses.

Ongoing – Literally hundreds of studies and analyses on mergers, acquisitions, and development 
projects to determine the profitability of investment ventures for new properties, equipment, 
and entire business operations.

Law Firm Cases - 

2004 – Deposition for major rail line including review and interpretation of thousands of 
documents and comprehensive report.

2003 – Expert witness testimony for Amtrak, analyzing car mileage and determining appropriate 
fee for intermodal traffic in the Northeast Corridor.

2003 – Interpretation of service agreements dispute between a Class I railroad and a Shipper. 
Complete database created of all facilities and rates.

2003 – Expert testimony involving railroad property in a divorce settlement.

2002 – Expert witness testimony, including market analysis and deposition for defense of Class I 
Railroad in a “loss of business” case.

Insurance Cases - 
2004 – Equipment appraisal for insurance liability claim.

Trusteeship - 

Served as Trustee on a 25 year old estate trust for final 4 years of trust, managing all 
securities conversion to an LLC for the beneficiaries in 2004.

On the panel of private trustees for 5 U.S. Trustee regions. 

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