Railroad Industries Incorporated’s team has assisted many countries with developing their transportation networks and investments. We can inspect and evaluate antiquated systems and equipment for upgrades and train personnel for modern transportation operations, in addition to analyzing the entire network for a strategic economic plan for the area and the investors. Whether it is a large government project, an investor prospect, or a community development project, our team has the experience and diversity to pull all of the pieces together and evaluate the impact upon all parties involved, and come up with creative strategies and alternatives. 

Quadra Mining Rail Infrastructure in Chile (2011-2012)– RII assisted this Canadian mining company with its holdings and rail capital investments in Chile, South America. The rail line was owned by Antofagasta, a Chilean mining conglomerate, and RII’s work centered on developing a favorable and fair operating plan and realistic infrastructure needs and costs for serving Quadra’s new mines in Chile, and the resulting rates to be charged by the railroad based on fair costs. The rates were developed based on traffic projections and service needs for the next 20 years. RII developed all costing, operational modeling and agreements, as well as rational arguments for changes in the proposed plan from the railroad.

CBH Group Operator Analysis for SW Australia Rail Operation (2009) – The CBH Group is an advocacy group for the grain shippers in southwestern Australia. This network covers over 3169 miles of rail and 4 shipping zones, with numerous branching segments. RII assisted CBH Group by tapping our extensive industry contacts and knowledge of US operators to develop a list of possible operators and set up confidential meetings to discuss CBH’s goals and requirements. Ongoing project development includes rationalizing the system, due diligence and meetings with the stakeholders in Australia.

Benin Railway (OCBN) Rehabilitation Feasibility Study (2007-2008)
The project consisted of meeting with multiple parties, including OCBN, the Minister of Transportation, Aviation and Marine Ports and PIC Network Limited, the financing investor group.  RII inspected the OCBN facilities, all locomotives and rolling stock, and a portion of the rail line for condition and upgrade needs.  Recommendations included developing a new operating plan, providing technical documentation in support of a USTDA grant, establishing a transload/dray harbor facility at the end of the line and costing for extending the rail line into Nigeria and connecting other countries.

Peru Railroad Operations Analysis (2004)
RII team performed complete inspection and assessment of the 300 miles rail line, track and structures, including assessment of condition, upgrade costing, maintenance budgets, and training of Peruvian Railway personnel in track maintenance and safety standards.  This work was completed for private manufacturing firm acquiring rail line for shipment of unit trains.

Port of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (2003)
Rail analysis of port operations for the Port of Vancouver in Canada:  Study involved inspection of the rail line, as well as a complete analysis of the entire area market to determine possible revenues and growth potential for extending rail connection for the foreign Port.  Feasibility study included detailed financial analysis, equipment, operations, and site inspection/evaluation.

Mexican Railroad Privatizations
The RII team provided analysis of the three major concessions of the National Railways of Mexico being offered for privatization for bidders. RII managed a multicultural and multi-disciplinary team in labor, financing, organizational structure, and revenue generation in the privatization of railways, coordinating with the Federal Government on privatization issues, and helping identify U.S. strategic partners for investment.  Work included designing the operating and marketing plans, capital plans for track and equipment, and transition plans for new operator. RII’s team also developed Grupo Tribasa’a successful bid to acquire the Sureste Rail Line portion of the former National Railways of Mexico.

Brazilian Rail Privatization
RII team members performed an evaluation of the Southern Railroad franchise, which included asset valuation, an operating assessment and provided revenue and traffic projections. Due Diligence was performed on the economics of the privatization of the railroad system in Sao Paulo, Brazil, including review of government and railroad documents, inspection and assessment of physical facilities and equipment, conducting detailed interviews with current and former railroad employees, developing Operations model, market analysis, and strategic plan. Developed public-private strategic partnerships between investment firms and qualified rail.

RII performed an evaluation of the rail equipment, locomotives and railcars, for a Taiwanese aggregate shipper on behalf of its client, a private equity firm as part of a due diligence strategy for purchase of the operations.  Services included inspections, appraisals, maintenance budgets and sourcing for repairs and replacement of rail equipment.  Study also included assessment of condition of fleet and types of equipment suitable for the traffic volumes and commodities being shipped.

RII performed due diligence on this Argentine rail line for purchase by a private investment firm.  The railway included several hundred miles of track from inland grain facilities and terminated at an intermodal port on the Atlantic Coast.  Analysis included a comprehensive financial analysis of the railway’s income statements, cash flow statements, and balance sheets, as well as customer analysis, traffic flow, carloads, revenue, and volume.  Physical inspections of the facilities, structures, equipment, and track were performed to determine the condition of the railway.  All data were put into a 10 year projection to determine the profitability of the railway immediately and as a long-term investment.


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